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Helping you feel
better in your body
on AND off
the yoga mat.




Sitting at a desk all day or just feeling overwhelmed with all life is throwing at you can cause stiffness, tension and stress in the body. Chelsea offers private yoga and mindful movement instruction for individuals, groups and corporations.

MOVEWELL delivers the benefits of yoga and mindful movement right to your office, home or your virtual space. Find out more about how we can help you move your body the clear tension, alleviate aches and pains and feel better in your day to day activities. 




Come join me for our virtual monthly yoga workshops, available to all bodies and all levels. 


Let us help you incorporate better movement into your day to improve mobility, gain strength, help your balance and relieve aches and pains. Learn how to move in your body to alleviate hurt and elevate your everyday quality of life. It's what we
all want, right? 


Each month, there will be a new theme and you can join in from anywhere! 



The aches and pains of sitting in your office chair for hours at time can take their toll mentally and physically. 

Incorporating stretches and mindful movement practices right at your desk can help you relieve stress, increase productivity and most importantly, help you feel better!

Bring our mindful movement practices into your workplace to bring more energy, feel better in your body and find clarity for your next task at hand. Explore breath and movement right at your desk, changing your frame of mind without even changing out of your work clothes!

MOVE well     FEEL good




Hi, I'm Chelsea!

I am a yoga teacher and mindful movement instructor in Jackson, WY, with certifications in Vinyasa Yoga, the LYT Yoga Method and Trauma-Informed Yoga. I teach functional movement classes that help you learn to move well and
feel good.

MOVEWELL classes are all taught virtually without losing the quality of an in-person practice. Each class is intelligently sequenced to cultivate core integration, create more mobility and help ease your body and mind. Classes always incorporate novel movement to stimulate the brain and to provide fuel for growth. So, learn how to expand your horizons and feel good in your body today!

Join Me For


Each month, I pick a new part of the body to focus on for a 1-hour workshop. Each workshop is intelligently sequenced to cultivate core integration, create more mobility and help ease your body and mind. Help your body feel better and learn helpful methods to alleviate pain, find more mobility and ease discomfort.
Join me this month!


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