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"These classes have been helpful with stress reduction, relaxation, and shaking off the day! Many Thanks to you Chelsea." - S.S.

"Working with Chelsea was such a gift! It’s amazing how small internal shifts can lead to significant differences. Thank you for creating such a supportive space." - R.T.

"This program gave me some excellent tools to use in my everyday life to stay more calm and centered. I appreciated Chelsea's warm and supportive presence and learned a lot from her classes. She provided resources that I am using often and I feel that I've started down a path of being able to deal with stress in a more positive way."  - E.G.

"I learned several tools to recognize when I might feel overwhelmed and how to center and calm myself through observation, breath and movement. The gentle yoga and movement were relaxing, calming and grounding.... a lovely way to end the day! Thanks so much for providing such a serene and safe space!" - V.K.

"I enjoyed how I walked out feeling lighter. Post-class nights were some of the best nights of sleep that I had in a while." - H.L.

"I can’t recommend Chelsea enough! She went above on beyond to make sure the needs of our team were met – and she did all of it virtually! I can’t imagine having to lead yoga and meditation services virtually, but she handled it perfectly! She was incredibly professional and asked questions to understand what our team needed to make sure our sessions were tailored for us. The sessions were exactly what we needed, teaching us how to better care for ourselves while sitting at a desk and helping us have a positive mindset while in the office. If you have the chance to work with Chelsea, take it! I promise you won’t regret it." - N.W. (corporate yoga client)

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